international distribution

International Distribution

Our publishing house relies on a wide-ranging distribution of scholarly books and journals, which extends worldwide. This capacity for communication at the service of scientific publications makes L'Erma di Bretschneider a privileged channel for the dissemination of research results in the Humanities.
For more than 120 years (1896), L'Erma di Bretschneider has been chosen by universities, archaeological superintendencies, and national and international research institutes for:

- technical quality
- international distribution
- services for research

Publishing with us means entering the international academic research panorama and making your work available and usable on a global scale. The strong point of the publishing house is in fact the possibility to reach and interest institutions, professionals, scholars of the humanities all over the world, promoting its publications and spreading the value of Italian and international scientific research.

L'Erma di Bretschneider is present in more than 2700 renowned universities and research institutes' libraries around the world.

The distribution and indexing services include:

- the publication on its own web sites;
- the publication in its general printed catalog and news that is sent annually by mail to more than publication in its general and new catalog, which is sent annually by mail to over 4,000 specialized clients on a global scale;
the dispatch of a digital newsletter which is sent to all of our clients. - the sending of a digital newsletter that reaches over 58,000 international customers specialized clients;
- Social media outreach, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram;
- the sending of complete metadata to the main national and European databases, allowing immediate visualization and the possibility of purchase by almost all libraries;
- the sending of complete metadata and printed copies to the main international distributors of the sector, including Casalini Libri/Torrossa, Erasmus, EBSCO, Alice, LibroCo, Nardecchia, Harrassowitz, Celdes, ProQuest, Amazon, IBS, Portico Librerias, CNKI China National Publications Import & Export Corp Beijing;
- our journals are indexed in databases such as Scopus and Web of Science;
- sending the metadata to ISD - distribution partner for North America -- ; sending the complete metadata to the main Chinese publishing archive, CNKI, reaching, making its editions available and informing all the Universities and Research Institutes in China.

L'Erma di Bretschneider participates every year to the main international publishing fairs, among which:

- Frankfurt Book Fair;
- London Bookfair
- More Books More Free Rome;
- Archaeological Institute of America and Society for Classical Studies Joint Annual Meeting;
- College Art Association New York Conference;
- BookExpo America New York;
- RomArché;
- Beijing International Book Fair.
An exclusive feature lies in our policy of constant availability of our publications. Being scholarly and academic editions, we firmly believe in our responsibility towards the scholars and institutions that have chosen to publish with us. In fact, the published titles are never removed from the general catalog, and even after the initial print run is exhausted, they are promoted, publicized and made available. For several years now, the Publishing House has started procedures aimed at the digital acquisition of all the titles published in the course of its publishing history in order to make them all always available and never out of print.