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    Italia. Musei da scoprire

    Collana diretta dalla Direzione Generale Musei del Ministero della Cultura, per valorizzare e promuovere il patrimonio culturale nazionale, estremamente ricco e ancora da conoscere e scoprire.

    Editorial Project:
    Emilia Romagna
    Friuli-Venezia Giulia

    Among the many functions of the Directorate-general for Museums in the Italian Ministry of Culture stands the enhancement of artistic and archaeological collections kept in State museums together with cultural institutions and places, such as museums themselves, monumental complexes and archaeological areas and parks. According to the national law about cultural heritage, contained in the Codice dei beni culturali e del paesaggio (in English ‘Code of Cultural Heritage and Landscape’, in the legislative Decree no. 42, 22 January 2004), “enhancement consists in the exercise of the functions and in the regulation of the activities aimed at promoting knowledge of the cultural heritage and at ensuring the best conditions for the utilization and public enjoyment of the same heritage. Enhancement also includes the promotion and the support of conservation work on the cultural heritage” (article 6, paragraph 1).

    The cultural heritage enhancement, so, goes firstly through the promotion of its knowledge, in view of public enjoyment. Nowadays, digital technologies allow a constant and even immediate relationship with museums and archaeological sites, thanks to websites and social media broadcasting hundreds of images and videos at the same moment, coming both from institutions themselves and from visitors, who want to share their own visit experience. However, an in depth-view is also needed in order to provide a quality vision of our outstanding collections and monuments, at visual and at a content level as well: this is why the Directorate-general I am in charge for, responsible for the making and the management of the national museum system, has started editing the book collection Musei da scoprire, a series where every issue is dedicated to a different Italian region with its State museums and archaeological areas besides the largest and autonomous ones.

    These books aim to highlight the beauty of minor sites – often really little known by the great public – full of artworks, objects and tools, coming from different ages, each of them having an important story to tell: the history of a still young nation – Italy – that grew up in separate regions and provinces, whose uniqueness lays just in the difference and variety which characterize its territory making it so rich in art and culture. Musei da scoprire is conceived as a journey in pictures and words through our amazing Country, that readers can enjoy starting from the pages of the first volume dedicated to Lombardia, in the very North of Italy.

    Enjoy your reading and journey, though!

Italia. Musei da scoprire
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Edited by Emanuela Daffrà
Possono tredici musei essere la chiave per interpretare una regione? E possono svelarcene aspetti insospettati? La risposta è sì ad entrambe le domande e questo volume ne è la riprova. Non sfata il luogo comune della Lombardia come terra di scambi...
Italia. Musei da scoprire, 1
2022, pp. 126
ISBN: 9788891327055
Italia. Musei da scoprire, 1
2022, pp. 126
ISBN: 9788891327055