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    Fragmentary Greek Drama

    Characteristics of the Series
    – Small monographs (or long essays), of about 80-100 pages (= 180,000 / 200,000 characters, more or less), on a lost drama or tri-tetra-logy;
    – The chowice will focus on dramas (tragedies or satyr plays) of which we have a substantial number of fragments and/or the ὑπόθεσις, which allow a plausible reconstruction of the plot;
    – The monograph will start from the analysis of the surviving fragments, and will aim at a hypothetical reconstruction of the plot, and a dramaturgical commentary on the fragments themselves;
    – Not necessarily include, but neither exclude, the critical edition of the surviving fragments. The editor will be free to opt for one of the following choices: a) provide a new critical edition based on fresh and first-hand inspection of the manuscript tradition; b) rely on an existing critical edition with the possibility of changing the text and/or updating the critical apparatus; c) simply reproduce an existing critical edition. The critical apparatus, at any rate, should preferably be limited to relevant variants;
    – May, or may not, have an iconographic apparatus, if there are exemplars of vascular paintings that help reconstruct the scenes of the drama;
    – The language of the monographs will preferably be English.

    Editorial programme
    1 Monica Centanni, Paolo B. Cipolla, Laocoon by Sophocles.
    2 Paolo B. Cipolla, Satyric Prometheus by Aeschylus.
    3 Sabina Castellaneta, Temenus and Temenides by Euripides
    4 Ludovico Rebaudo, Niobe by Aeschylus
    5 Monica Centanni, Pirithous by Critias
    6. Eleonora Bifano, Antigone by Euripides
    Further out
    – Olimpia Imperio, Theseus by Euripides
    – Lorenzo Calafiore, Lycurgus by Aeschylus
    – Irene Orsomarso, Palamedes by Euripides

    Format: 14,5 x 20,5 cm Paperback

  • Editors

    Monica Centanni, Paolo B. Cipolla

    Academic Committee
    Anna Beltrametti, Antonietta Gostoli,
    Olimpia Imperio,Oliver Taplin,
    Bernhard Zimmermann

Fragmentary Greek Drama
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Five textual fragments (plus an indirect reference and an isolated word) of Sophocles’ Laocoon are preserved from indirect tradition. In this volume, after a reconstruction of the mythographic variants on the story of the Trojan priest, all the fragments are presented in original text and in translation, with critical apparatus and philological commentary. The volume aims to reconstruct the ...
Fragmentary Greek Drama, 1
2024, pp. 100
ISBN: 9788891333100
Fragmentary Greek Drama, 1
2024, pp. 100
ISBN: 9788891333100