Ruth Ovadiah, Asher Ovadiah

Mosaic Pavements in Israel

From the Hellenistic to the Early Byzantine Period

Bibliotheca Archaeologica, 06
1987, 278 pp., 192 tav.
Paperback, 21,5 x 28 cm
ISBN: 8870626008
ISSN: 2240-8347
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  • Table of Contents
  • Table of Contents

    Preface - Catalogue - Addendum to Catalogue - Summary and Conclusions: A. Technique and Materials; B. The Art of Mosaic up to the Fourth Century C.E.; C. The Art of Mosaic between the Fourth and the Seventh Centuries C.E; D. The Art of Mosaic in Ancient Synagogues; E. The Art of Mosaic in Early Byzantine Churches; F. Composition; G. Subjects; H. The Human Figure - Proportions, Stance and Dress; I. Artists and Workshops; J. Inscriptions; K. Dating - List of Abbreviations - Bibliography - Indices: A. Geometric Motifs; B. Floral Motifs; C. Figurative Motifs; D. Religious Motifs; E. Miscellaneous; F. Inscriptions - Buildings housings Mosaics - List of Sites - Geometric Patterns - List of Illustrations - Plates.