Classical Period

Elisabetta Putini, Birgitta Petren

Why Are You Calling Me a Barbarian?

For boys.

2001, , 60 ill. b/n
Paperback, 22 x 24 cm
ISBN: 8882650642

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  • Abstract

    An ancient "cultural exchange" between Romans and Barbarians is told by two children who are the protagonists of this story. In the III century AD, an imperial roman army, marching toward the north is camped near Cologne. It is here that the encounter between Marilla, a young roman slave, and Marbord, son of a merchant who is traveling south towards Scandia, takes place. The two children decide to get to know one another better, telling one another of the habits, lives and curiosities of their countries. Two different realities emerge, but they are tied by a particular affinity, that of "being children". The book, with color illustrations, includes some pages of games and instructions for their use.