Classical Period

Luciana Jacobelli

Gladiators at Pompeii.

2003, 128 pp., 86 ill. b/n
Hardback, 17 x 24 cm
ISBN: 8882652491
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  • Table of Contents

    Introduction by R. Lattuada; Part One: The Institution of Gladiatorial Combat; Its Origins and Evolution; Types of Gladiators; Female Gladiators; Sponsoring and Staffing a Gladiatorial Spectacle; The Spectacle from Start to Finish; The Amphitheaters: The Revolt of Spartacus; Part Two: The Spectacles at Pompeii; The Documents: Spectacle Programs and Graffiti; The Players: Editores, Agents and familiae gladiatoriae, and Gladiators; The Places: The Amphitheater, Gladiators' Barracks and Ludus, and the Schola armaturarum; Representations of Gladiators: Paintings and Reliefs; Representations of Gladiators: Lamps, Vases, and Statues; The Riot of 59 a.d.; Bibliography; Abbreviations; Index.

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