Etruscan Studies

Paula Kay Lazrus

Discovering the Etruscans

1990, 60 pp., 15 ill. b/n
Paperback, 24 x 22 cm
ISBN: 9788870626776
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  • Table of Contents
  • Table of Contents

    Introduction - Cap. I Introduction. The World of the Etruscan and hypotheses on their origins. Cap II Etruria. The Land of the Villanovans and the Etruscans. Cap. III Habitations. Villanovan huts and Etruscan Houses. Cap IV. Settlements: Etruscan towns and the last of the Etruscan kings of Rome. Cap V Funerary architecture mound tombs, painted chamber tombs and rock cut tombs. Cap. VI Aspects of the etruscan religion. Cap VII Conclusion and some brief comments on trade and commerce. Glossary.