Religious Studies

Studies in Mithraism

Papers associated with the Mithraic Panel organized on the occasion of the XVI Congress of the International Association for the History of Religion. Rome 1990.

Edited by R. Hinnells John

Storia delle Religioni, 09
1994, 304 pp., 50 ill. b/n, 35 tav.
Paperback, 17 x 24 cm
ISBN: 9788870628345
ISSN: 2039-3652
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  • Table of Contents

    Contents: 1. Ugo Bianchi, Rome, Foreword - 2. John R. Hinnells, London, "Introduction: the questions asked and to be asked" - 3. Closca L. Baluta, Alba Iulia, "La pénétration et la diffusion du mithriacisme en Dacie réfléchies par l'épigraphie" - 4. Roger Beck, Toronto, "In the place of the Lion: Mithras in the tauroctony" - 5. Per Beskow, Lund, "Turtullian on Mithras" - 6. A. David Bivar, London, "Towards and integrated picture of ancient Mithraism" - 7. Ioan P. Couliano, Chicago, "The Mithraic ladder revisited" - 8. Giulia Sfameni Gasparro, Messina, "I misteri di Mithra: religione o culto?" - 9. Richard L. Gordon, Kiel/Norwich, "Mystery metaphor and doctrice in the Mysteries of Mithras" - 10. Alison B. Griffith, Evansville, "The archaeological evidence for Mithraism as an urban phenomenon in Imperial Rome: work in progress" - 11. Howard M. Jackson, Claremont, "Love makes the world go round: the Classical Greek ancestry of the youth with the zodiacal circle in Late Roman art" - 12. Jean Kellens, Liège, "La fonction aurorale de Mithra et la daena 13. Philip G. Kreyenbroek, London, "Mithra and Ahreman in Iranian Cosmogonies" - 14. James R. Russel, Harvard, "On the Armeno-Iranian roots of Mithraism" - 15. Wolf Libeschuetz, Nottingham, "The expansion of Mithraism among the religious cults of the second century" - 16. Luther H. Martin, Vermont, "Reflections on the Mithraic tauroctony as cult scene" - 17. Varbinka Naydenova, Sofia, "Un sanctuaire syncrétiste de Mithra et Sol Augustus découvert à Novae (Mésie Inférieure)" - 18. Panayotis Pachis, Thessalonica, "The cult of Mithras in Thessalonica" - 19. David Ulansey, Boston, "Mithras and the hypercosmic sun" - 20. Helmut Waldan, Tübingen, "Mithras tauroctonus" - Abbreviations - Index of ancient authors.