South italian vases. Lucania, Campania, Paestum, Sicily, Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow, 3

Edited by O. Tugusheva

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum Russia, 3
1997, 36 pp., 44 tav.
24 x 33 cm
ISBN: 9788870629910
ISSN: 2279-6525
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  • Table of Contents

    South Italian Vases: Lucanian Red-Figured; Campanian Red-Figured; Paestan Red-Figured; Sicilian Red-Figured; Vases with added color; Canosian; Attributions to painter and groups; Plates; Proveniences; Former owners; Subjects; Concordate of Museum's inventar numbers with Trendall's numbers; Plates signed Russia: Lucanian Red-Figured Vases; Campanian Red-Figured Vases; Paestan Red-Figured Vases; Sicilian Red-Figured Vases; Vases with added color; Canosian.