Classical Period

M. Stibbe Conrad

Sons of Hephaistos (The).

Aspects of the Archaic Greek bronze Industry.

Bibliotheca Archaeologica, 31
2000, 198 pp., 8 ill. col., 127 ill. b/n
21,5 x 28 cm
ISBN: 9788882650599
ISSN: 2240-8347
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  • Table of Contents
  • Table of Contents

    Preface; Introduction; Chapter I, An admirable work of art. The Steinhardt hydria in New York; Chapter II, The naked youth; Chapter III, Tombs of barbarian chieftains: Laconian and Corinthian bronzes from Trebenishte (Macedonia); Chapter IV, New comers in the field: Additional evidence offered by some unknown and known comparanda; Chapter V, Conclusion and perspectives; Appendix to Chapter V; Abbreviations and Bibliography; Lists of Figures; Lists of Drawings; General Index.