Classical Period

Rabun Taylor

Public Needs and Private Pleasures.

Water distribution, the Tiber River and the Urban Development of ancient Rome.

Studia Archaeologica, 109
2000, 290 pp., 36 ill. b/n
17 x 24 cm
1 pieghevole
ISBN: 9788882651008
ISSN: 0081-6299
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  • Table of Contents
  • Table of Contents

    List of illustrations; Preface; Introduction; Part one: a prctical primer: Chapter 1. A Technical survey; Chapter 2. Aqueduct planning and the law; Chapter 3. Dominium vs. imperium: Was expropriation by reason of public utility possible under Roman law?; Part two: a topographical inquiry: Chapter 4. Agrippa, Augustus, and the four earliest aqueduct river crossings; Chapter 5. The Aqua Alsietina; Chapter 6. From Nero to Trajan; Appendix: Aqueduct river crossings in Renaissance Rome; Bibliography; Index.