Modern Period

A. Witte Arnold

The Artful Hermitage

The Palazzetto Farnese as a Counter-Reformation Diaeta

L'ErmArte, 2
2008, 208 pp., 22 ill. col., 73 ill. b/n
Paperback, 21,5 x 28 cm
ISBN: 9788882654771
ISSN: 2612-4718
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  • Table of Contents

    From the Contents:
    INTRODUCTION: Lanfranco's Camerino degli Eremiti; 1. Architecture, Decoration and Typology of the Palazzetto Farnese: Camerino and Palazzetto: a reconstruction; Decoration of the Palazzetto; The giardino segreto as 'theatre of nature'; The tradition of studioli; Pliny's diaeta and its Cinquecento imitations; Studiolo, garden, and the genre of landscape-painting; The typology of the Palazzetto Farnese; Camerino and Palazzetto - decorative or functional relations?; 2. THE CARDINAL'S RETREAT: Palazzo Farnese at Caprarola; The Stanza della Solitudine; The Stanza della Penitenza; Rome: the Casa Professa-apartment; Iconography of the Cappellina Farnese; Ignatius' exemplarity; Jesuit devotional retreats; Caprarola: the Palazzina Farnese; Grottaferrata: the Palazzo Abbaziale; Camaldoli; 3. PATRONAGE, PROTECTORATE AND REGULAR REFORMS: Orazione e Morte; The Arciconfraternita and its cardinal protectors; The Quarant'Ore and the Camerino; Sixteenth-century concepts of protectorate; Impending abolition and renewal of the protectorate in 1606; Between regular reform and curial changes; Odoardo Farnese's protectorates; Discalced Carmelites and the mission; The Camerino's Eucharistic message; Saints, protectorates and paintings; 4. GARDENS FOR THE SOUL: Cardinals retreating: Sfondrato, Borromeo and Bellarmino; Bellarmino's urban retreat; Funeral monuments as models of devotion; Bellarmino's 'Ladder of Nature'; The garden of Sant'Andrea al Quirinale; Spiritual Paintings of the Universe; Scenes of martyrdom in San Vitale; Functions of the Sant'Andrea complex; Christian Doctrine and the argument of nature; Pilgrimage and the real world; Missionary theory and natural philosophy; Allegorical gardens in Seicento Rome; The Palazzetto as metaphorical Scala; 6. THE IMAGINARY, THE REAL AND THE EXEMPLARY HERMITAGE: Images of hermits; Cinquecento realities of solitary life; The case of Fra Pelagio; De-historicising the hermit; Itinerant hermits in and around Rome; Sant'Onofrio: the monk redressing as hermit; Ephemeral landscapes and theatrical hermits; Giacinto da Casale in Piacenza; Casale's grotto and the Camerino degli Eremiti.

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