Arts and Art History

The site of Rome.

Studies in the Art and Topography of Rome 1400-1750.

Edited by David R. Marshall

2014, 260 pp., 144 ill. col.
Paperback, 21 x 28 cm
ISBN: 9788891306661
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      ISBN: 9788891306661

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  • Abstract

    This volume, number 13 in the Melbourne Art Journal series, brings together nine scholars who each explore an aspect of the art and architecture of Rome situated within the topography-or map-of Rome in the Renaissance and Early Modern periods, with several studies focusing on the eighteenth century. These are studies of sight and site: about how the appearance of different regions or aspects of the city intersect with complex systems of political, economic, social and artistic institutions and customs.

  • Table of Contents

    Chapter 1
    Julie Rowe
    Rome's Mediaeval Fish Market at S. Angelo in Pescheria
    Chapter 2
    Joan Barclay Lloyd
    Memory, Myth and Meaning in the Via Appia from Piazza di Porta Capena to Porta S. Sebastiano
    Chapter 3
    Louis Cellauro
    Roma Antiqva Restored: The Renaissance Archaeological Plan
    Chapter 4
    Donato Esposito
    The Virtual Rome of Sir Joshua Reynolds
    Chapter 5
    Lisa Beaven
    Claude Lorrain and La Crescenza: The Tiber Valley in the Seventeenth Century
    Chapter 6
    David R. Marshall
    The Campo Vaccino: Order and the Fragment from Palladio to Piranesi
    Chapter 7
    Arno Witte
    Architecture and Bureaucracy: The Quirinal as an Expression of Papal Absolutism
    Chapter 8
    Tommaso Manfredi
    Arcadia at Trinità dei Monti. The Urban Theatre of Maria Casimira and Alexander Sobieski in Rome
    Chapter 9
    John Weretka
    The Non-aedicular Style' and the Roman Church Façade of the Early Eighteenth Century
    Contributors and Abstracts

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