Proceedings of the Tenth International Conference Interdisciplinary Studies on Ancient Stone Two Volumes.

Edited by Patrizio Pensabene, Eleonora Gasparini

2015, 1062 pp., 400 ill. col., 623 ill. b/n
Paperback, 21 x 29,7 cm
ISBN: 9788891307705
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    1-Application to specific archaeological questions - Use of marble
    B. Adembri, S. Di Tondo, F. Fantini, Architecture with concave and convex rhythms and its decoration in Hadrian age: the Maritime Theatre and the Southern pavilion of Piazza d'Oro in Hadrian's Villa.
    J. Andreu Pintado, H. Royo Plumed, P. Lapuente, M. Brilli, Imported marbles found in three Roman cities of the territory of "Cinco Villas" (Zaragoza), north of Hispania Citerior.
    F. Bianchi, M. Bruno, S. Pike, Pentelic marble in the Severan Complex in Leptis Magna (Tripolitania, Libya).
    C. Previato, N. Mareso, Marbles from the Domus of Bestie ferite' and from the Domus of Tito Macro' in Aquileia (UD), Italy.
    M. Bruno, F. Bianchi, The limestone quarries of Wadi Gadatza in the territory of Leptis Magna.
    M. Bruno, C. Gorgoni, P. Pallante, Provenance and distribution of white marbles in the arches of Titus and Septimius Severus in Rome.
    F. Cavari, F. Droghini, M. Giamello, C. Mascione, A. Scala, The imitation of coloured marbles in a first style wall painting from the Etruscan-Roman town of Populonia (LI - Italy).
    M. Chidiroglu, Small Euboean quarries. The local community markets.
    J. Collins-Clinton, Lumachella at Cosa: late Republican?
    S. Costa, F. Marri, an open community for sharing knowledge about ancient marble from different approaches.
    M. Cruz Villalón, The use of marble in Lusitania betwen Rome and Islam.
    M. David, S. Succi, M. Turci, "Marmora Ostiensa". New results from the Ostia marina project.
    M. De Angelis d'Ossat, S. Violante, M. Gomez Serito, A column shaft in verde rana ondato' from the archaeological excavations in Palazzo Altemps .
    A. De Stefano, The exploitation of coralline breccia of the Gargano in the Roman and late antique periods.
    M. De Nuccio, Gigantism and marble sculptures: the "Pie' di marmo" in Campo Marzio.
    G. Di Stefano, G. Ventura, Ships lapidariae and the wreck, with marmor numidicum, discovered in Camarina : hypotesis of route.
    Fellague Djamila, Savay-Guerraz Hugues, Masino Filippo, Sobrà Giorgio, The use of marble in the roman architecture of Lugdunum (lyon, france).
    Ana Garrido, Aureli Àlvarez, Ana Doménech, Anna Gutiérrez, Isabel Rodà, Hernando Royo, Marmora And Other Stones In The Architectural Decoration Of Early Imperial Barcino (Barcelona, Spain)
    Maria Teresa Giannotta, Giovanni Quarta, Arcangelo Alessio, Antonio Pennetta, Provenance Of The Roman Marble Sarcophagi Of The San Pietro In Bevagna Wreck.
    Pia Kastenmeier, Giuseppina Balassone. Maria Boni, Giovanni di Maio, Michael Joachimski, Provenance, Distribution And Trade Of The Local Building Materials In The Sarno River Plain (Campania) From The 6th Century Bc To Ad 79.
    T. Lappi, White And Coloured Marble On Pantelleria
    P. Lapuente, H. Royo, J.A. Cuchi, J. Justes, M. Preite-Martinez, Local Stones And Marbles Found In The Territory Of "Alto Aragon" (Hispania), In Roman Times.
    Z. Mari, The marbles from the Villa of Trajan at Arcinazzo Romano (Roma)
    F. Masino, The introduction of marble in the cavea of the Theatre of Hierapolis: building process and patronage.
    Igor Mihajlovi, Igor Miholjek, Shipwrecks With Sarcophagi In The Eastern Adriatic.
    S. Nava, The marble decoration of the peristyle building in the sw quarter of palmyra (Pal.M.A.I.S. Mission).
    T. Nogales-Basarrate, P. Lapuente, H. Royo, M. Preite-Martinez, Stone Materials In Lusitania Reflecting The Process Of Romanization.
    Salvador Ordóñez, Ruth Taylor, Oliva Rodríguez, Esther Ontiveros, Sergio García-Dils, José Beltrán, José Carlos Saquete, A uotorumnuncupatio from colonia Augusta Firma. An analytical approach.
    A. Ottati, the muses in the prado museum and the pentelic marble of the odeon in hadrian's villa: workshops and statuary programmes. Preliminary report.
    L. Pedroni, Ceraunia and lapis obsianus in Pliny.
    Rodà I., Pensabene P., Domingo J., Production and distribution of Troad granite, both public and private.
    Oliva Rodríguez, Ruth Taylor, José Beltrán, Sergio García-Dils, Esther Ontiveros, Salvador Ordóñez, The use of Almadén de la Plata marble in the public programs of colonia Augusta Firma - Astigi (Écija, Seville, Spain).
    G. Rossi, Architectural elements of the Peristyle Building of the SW Quarter of Palmyra (PAL.M.A.I.S. Mission).
    Angela Savalli, Paola Pesaresi, Lorenzo Lazzarini, Casa Del Rilievo Di Telefo And Opus Sectile At Herculaneum.
    A. Starac, The Use of Marble In Roman Pula.
    A. Tiryaki, architectural decoration of the episcopal church of Rhodiapolis in lycia.
    A. Turker, Byzantine Carved Marble Slabs from Çanakkale Archaeology Museum.
    John j. Herrmann, jr, donato attanasio, annewies van den hoek, Thasian Exports Of Prefabricated Statuettes.
    John j. Herrmann, jr., robert h. Tykot, annewies van den hoek, philippe blanc, Multimethod marble identification for figural sculpture in hippo regius (annaba, algeria).
    Frances Van Keuren, Julia E. Cox, Donato Attanasio, Walter Prochaska, John J. Herrmann, Jr., Dorothy H. Abramitis, Parian Lychnites and The Badminton Sarcophagus In New York.
    S. Vidal, V. Garcia-Entero, The use of Estremoz marble in Late Antique Sculpture of Hispania: New data from the petrographic and cathodoluminescence analyses.
    Evridiki Leka, Georgios Zachos, The Marmor Lesbium Reconsidered And Other Stones Of Lesbos.
    Paola Zanovello, Chiara Destro, Marianna Bressan, Montegrotto Terme (Padova) - Marble and other stone used in architectonic decoration of the Roman villa.

    2-Provenance identification I: marble
    Irene Bald Romano, George H. Davis, David Gilman Romano, The monument landscape and associated geology at the sanctuary of zeus on mt. Lykaion.
    J. Beltrán Fortes; M. L. Loza Azuaga; E. Ontiveros Ortega; J. A. Pérez Macías; O. Rodríguez Gutiérrez, R. Taylor, Marbles Of The Aracena Massif (Ossa-Morena Zone, Spain): Aspects Of Their Exploitation And Use In Roman Times.
    S. Bernard, S. Pike, Isotopic Analysis of Marble from the Stoa of Attalos in the Athenian Agora and the Hellenistic Quarries of Mount Pentelikon.

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