Arts and Art History

Jerzy Miziolek

The Villa Laurentina of Pliny the Younger in an 18th Century Vision

2016, 250 pp., 120 ill. col., 18 ill. b/n
Paperback, 24 x 28 cm
ISBN: 9788891308580
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  • Abstract

    The book deals with a paper reconstruction of Pliny the Younger's (c. AD 61-112) villa near Ostia, some twenty kilometres from Rome. This unique work was created in Rome in the years 1777-78 by a young Pole, Count Stanis³aw K. Potocki (1755-1821) in cooperation with Giuseppe Manocchi and other outstanding artists of the time. The work, originally in the Potocki collection in Wilanów, is today housed in the iconographic collection of the National Library, Warsaw. It contains over thirty large-format drawings (57.789.5 cm) in colour. Just before the close of the 18th century, probably during his last sojourn in Italy (1795-97), Count Potocki wrote a 24-page-long commentary to his work, entitled Notes et Idées sur la Villa de Pline. This hitherto unpublished manuscript commentary and reconstruction drawings of the villa are now published together with a virtual visualisation of the villa produced in 3D Studio Max 2014.

  • Table of Contents

    Chapter I. Stanislaw Kostka Potocki: archaeology and artistic culture in the 2nd half of the eighteenth century
    1.The fascination with Antiquity and its influence in the 2nd half of the eighteenth century
    2.Stanis³aw Kostka Potocki in the Memoirs of Eyewitness
    3.Stanis³aw Kostka Potocki's studies at the Royal Academy in Turin
    4.Stanis³aw Kostka Potocki's travels around Italy in 1774-82
    5.In the company of Princess Izabela Lubomirska: Stanis³aw Kostka Potocki's sojourn in Italy in 1785-86

    Chapter II. The Laurentina - Pliny the Younger's villa marittima and its reconstruction in "the pure taste of the century of Trajan"
    1. A literary portrait of the Laurentina - "the dwelling-place of the Muses
    2.The owner of the Laurentina
    3.The search for the remnants of the Laurentina in the eighteenth century and later
    4.Pliny's letter on the Laurentina in European culture from the Renaissance to neoclassicism
    5.Artists employed by Stanis³aw Kostka Potocki, and their drawings
    6.Reconstruction drawings of the Laurentina and remarks on the Notes et Idées sur la Villa de Pline
    7.Reconstruction of Pliny's villa, decoration of the main rooms, patterns and inspirations
    8.The cryptoportico with adjacent pavilions and the heliocaminus
    9. Some notes on the Ideas Guiding the Plan for Pliny's villa by Potocki

    Chapter III. The third dimension of Pliny the Younger's villa. Virtual reconstruction of the Laurentina

    Instead of an epilogue: the Laurentina of Potocki's vision and the artistic culture of neoclassical Warsaw


    I. Pliny the Younger, Letter to Gallus (2, 17)
    II. Stanis³aw Kostka Potocki, Notes and Ideas on Pliny's Villa
    III. Notes and explanations in the portfolios containing the drawings


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    La Villa Laurentina di Plinio il Giovane nella visione del Conte Potocki in 3D. Polonia e Italia La Villa Laurentina di Plinio il Giovane nella visione del Conte Potocki in 3D. Polonia e Italia La Villa Laurentina di Plinio il Giovane nella visione del Conte Potocki in 3D. Polonia e Italia