Contemporary Period

Senses of Sight. Towards a Multisensorial Approach of the Image. Essays in Honor of Victor I. Stoichita.

Edited by Henri de Riedmatten, Nicolas Galley, Jean-Fran├žois Corpataux, Valentin Nussbaum

2015, 312 pp.
Paperback, 13,5 x 21 cm
ISBN: 9788891308757
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    STEPHEN J. CAMPBELL, Cloud-poiesis: Perception, Allegory, Seeing the Other

    MICHAEL DIERS, At Face Value: Domenico Ghirlandaio's "An Old Man with His Grandson" as a Portrait of the Florentine Merchant Francesco Sassetti

    FRANK FEHRENBACH, Leonardo's Dark Eye

    TRISTAN WEDDIGEN, Weaving the Face of Christ: On the Textile Origins of the Christian Image

    SERGIUSZ MICHALSKI, Death at a Second Glance: A Unique Motif in Pontormo's Certosa del Galluzzo Passion Cycle

    TOMOO MATSUBARA, Defence Mechanisms of Cities and Paintings: Giorgio di Giovanni and the War of Siena

    ULRICH PFISTERER, Subject to Mood Swings: Michelangelo, Titian and Adrian Willaert on Creativity

    KLAUS KRÜGER, "Musica Depicta": The Silent Sound of Painting

    CORRADO BOLOGNA, Ariosto, Elsheimer, Galilei and the Moon

    FELIPE PEREDA, Ribera's Peter and Paul: One, maybe Two Notes on Blindness

    THIERRY LENAIN, The Actor's Gaze: Apropos of Giuseppe Grisoni's "Portrait of Colley Cibber as Lord Foppington

    CARLO OSSOLA, Lumi rubricati - Lights, Rubricated for Victor Stoichita

    LUCIA CORRAIN, Brancusi: The Memory of Infinity

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