Classical Period

The Ancient Rose of Pompeii

Pompeii - Thematic Guides, 5
2017, 96 pp., 50 ill. col., 20 ill. b/n
21 x 24 cm
ISBN: 9788891311351
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  • Abstract

    The double red rose is without a doubt the species most commonly found in ancient Pompeii, both in terms of pictorial representation and mentions by classic authors. It has been variously identified, in the past, as a plant related to the Gallic rose. But can we exclude the contribution of an Oriental rose in a red, reflowering and fragranced rose? The peach (Prunus persica) was widely cultivated in Italy in Roman times; it was originally a species of Chinese origin that the Romans discovered upon arrival in Persia, where it had been introduced some time before. Might the Ancient Rose of Pompeii not have travelled the same path? Currently these are hypotheses that require closer examination, but it is certainly possible to solve the mystery.

  • Table of Contents


    Presentation by Director General Massimo Osanna

    Preface by Matteo Lorito

    Ernesto De Carolis
    Mythical aspects and portrayal of the rose in Vesuvian painting

    The painting technique

    Adele Lagi
    Rose perfume

    Gaetano Di Pasquale - Alessia D'Auria
    Roses, botany and mankind

    Appendix by Carlo Avvisati
    The rose: traditions, secrets and magic in the shadow of Vesuvius

    Afterword by Michele Fiorenza
    La Rosa Antica di Pompei Association

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