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  • Abstract

    Pompeii. a 2000-year old city frozen in time one famous day during the late summer of 79 AD, is full of monuments that have ignited the passion of ancient art experts for over 200 years, but also that of travellers, fascinated by the uniqueness of this city in a country already unparalleled historically in the rest of the world.
    But this is not all that Pompeii offers.
    First and foremost, it is a city full of stories about people from thousands of years ago who worked, loved, played, ate, were politicians, traders, hated each other, and stole from each other ...
    This book contains 79 unusual stories that reveal the magic of the pulsating life and interesting facts that made up the daily life of the inhabitants who lived there. At times, it was a long way off from the habits of our time and at other times, it was surprisingly similar - they are stories that transport us to a distant world, a world that otherwise would have been lost forever.

    Lara Anniboletti (Perugia, 1973) graduated in Archeology and received her Ph.D. from the University of Rome Tor Vergata with her research focused on Pompeian themes (domestic religion, private architecture, city walls). In addition to continuing her scientific research, she organizes events, the promotion and dissemination of cultural heritage, and her slogan is archeology is a science to be enhanced with humanity. She is currently a member of the Technical Secretariat of Pompeii as the Manager of the Archaeological Parks Communications Office.

  • Table of Contents

    Introduction by Massimo Osanna
    1. What was Vesuvius like before the eruption?
    2. What happened afterwards?
    3. A strange news story from ancient times
    4. Domenico Fontanas cover-up of Pompeii
    5. Strange coincidences at Pompeii: August 24th
    6. The earthquake of 62AD: a photo of the time
    7. Who were the victims of the eruption that destroyed Pompeii?
    8. Lovers gossip on the walls of Pompeii
    9. The Amphitheater of Pompeii: were there really fights between animals and beasts?
    10. Pompeii during an election campaign
    11. Clashes between Pompeiian and Nucerian Fans
    12. A Pompeiian banker: Lucius Caecilius Jucundus
    13. A clever entrepreneur: the perfumer of Pompeii
    14. Lets have lunch at the thermopolium of Lucius Vetutius Placidus!
    15. Profane love at Pompeii..
    16. After work... lets all go to the baths!
    17. Gladiators at Pompeii: morituri te salutant? (We, who are about to die, salute you?)
    18. Pink Floyd: Live at Pompeii
    19. Mensa Ponderaria and Public Washrooms in the Forum of Pompeii: signs of civilization!!!
    20. The lanista of Pompeii
    21. Pleasure baths at Pompeii
    22. The Large Theater
    23. A Sator Square: were there Christians at Pompeii?
    24. Pompeii: Vine Leaves are back, Human Life is back!
    25. Today, December 17th at Pompeii
    26. Isis: the crying goddess
    27. The jeweled matron and the gladiator
    28. A walk along Via dellAbbondanza on a Saturday
    29. Cave canem (Beware of the dog)!!!
    30. Priestess Eumachia
    31. Inside Salvius Caupona (tavern): gambling in Pompeii
    32. The last war of Pompeii
    33. The last baked goods from Modestos bakery
    34. Castellum Aquae in Pompeii: the story of Marcus Attilius Primus
    35. A normal working day in Pompeii
    36. The guard at Porta Ercolano
    37. The fullonica (fullery) of L. Veranius Hypsaeus
    38. Naevoleia Tyche and Munatius Faustus: a Pompeiian love story
    39. Pompeii and peplum-movies (sword-and-sandal)
    40. What was there to eat in Pompeii?
    41. Empress Poppaea Sabina at Pompeii2
    42. Selling shoes
    43. House of the Sarno Lararium
    44. Aulus Umbricius Scaurus: garum manufacturer
    45. Why did Pompeii need a smaller theater?
    46. Numerius Popidius Celsinus and Isis
    47. I wouldnt sell my husband for all the gold in the world
    48. A day at the Macellum (market) of Pompeii
    49. A Pompeiian column in Japan
    50. The textile workshop of Marcus Vecilius Verecundus
    51. The ship Europa
    52. Women in Pompeii
    53. Was Pulcinella at the Theater of Pompeii?
    54. Where did Pompeiian children go to school?
    55. Ancient VIPs at Pompeii
    56. What did the Pompeiians look like?
    57. Giuseppe Garibaldi in Pompeii
    58. The tomb of Caius Vestorius Priscus
    59. Publius Cornelius Faventinus, the tonsor (barber)
    60. Why were Pompeiian house given names?
    61. Two stories told in graffiti: one of Successus, Iris and Severus and the other of Novellia Primigenia
    62. Fashionable Pompeii
    63. Arria Marcella, a heroine from the Romantic era
    64. Pompeiian fortifications
    65. Pistrina (bakeries) in Pompeii
    66. Asellina
    67. Water fountains
    68. Julia Felix
    69. Scribbles, drawings and caricatures
    70. Doctors in Pompeii
    71. Marcus Nonius Campanus
    72. At the House of Quintus Poppaeus Secundus
    73. Of love, death, and other nonsense
    74. Marcus Epidius Sabinus, juris doctor (doctor of law)
    75. The House of Casca Longus
    76. The House of the Vettii
    77. Marcus Epidius Hymenaeus, the Moralist
    78. Pious, modest, frugal, and chaste..
    79. Quota hora est? What time is it?

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