Ernesto De Carolis, Giovanni Patricelli

Vesuvius, A.D. 79

The Destruction of Pompeii and Herculaneum

2003, 128 pp., 111 ill. col.
17 x 24 cm
Vecchio ISBN 978-88-8265-199-2
ISBN: 9788891317759
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  • Abstract

    In A.D. 79, Mount Vesuvius exploded in a hail of volcanic rock, sending clouds of fine ash and deadly gases over surrounding towns and farms and burying every trace of life. Two thousand people in nearby Pompeii and Herculaneum died within hours. The authors present a fashinating account of the seismic and volcanic activity leading up to this cataclysmic event, as well as a detailed description of the eruption itself and its aftermath.

  • Table of Contents

    Introduction; Somma-Vesuvius: The Campanian Plain; Volcanic Activity; Chronology of the Eruptions of Vesuvius; Backdrop for the eruption: Literary, Iconographic and Volcanological Sources Related to the Somma-Vesuvius in the First Century A.D.; The Sarno River; The Coastline in the First Century A.D.; The Hill of Pompeii; The Promontory of Herculaneum; The Stabian Site; Urbanization of the Territory; Foreshadowing events between 62 and A.d. 79: Preface; The Earthquake of A.d. 62; Seismic Activity between A.D. 62 and 79; The Eruption: Preface; An account of the Eruption in Pliny's Two Letters; The Effects of the Eruption in Pompeii and Stabiae; The Effects of the Eruption in Herculaneum; The Final Phase of the Eruption; The discovery of human bodies: The Discovery of Human Bodies in Pompeii; Pompeian stories and legends: The Sentry of the Herculaneum Gate; The Lady of the Jewels; Pompeian Dogs; The Priests of the Temple of Isis; The Matron of the House of the Faun; The Victims of the House of Menander; Groups in Flight; Arria Marcella; The Group of the Nucerian Gate; Principal Eruptions of Vesuvius from 25000 years ago until 1631; Principal Eruptions of Vesuvius from 1631-1944; Glossary of Volcanology; Selected Bibliography.