Classical Period
Edited by Sebastiano Tusa, Jeffrey G. Royal

Bibliotheca Archaeologica, 60
2020, 322 pp., 24 ill. col., 91 ill. b/n
21,5 x 28 cm
ISBN: 9788891318329
ISSN: 2240-8347

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  • Abstract

    The final battle of the First Punic war between the Romans and Carthaginians, the Battle of the Aegates Islands, took place in 241 B.C. Under the Egadi Islands Survey Project led by the Soprintendenza del Mare, Sicily, intensive survey resulted in unique discoveries from an ancient battlefield. This publication includes the field seasons from 2010-15. Finds of bronze warship rams, armor, amphoras, inscriptions, and evidence of shipwreck sites confirm the discovery of this ancient naval battle landscape. Moreover, these artifacts provide new lines of inquiry into Latin epigraphy and the role of officials, the formation of battle landscapes, the dimensions of warships and their rams, types of personal armor, cultural change during the 3rd century B.C., and the economics of fleet construction during the First Punic War.

    In memoriam
    Sebastiano Tusa and Giovanni Garbini

  • Table of Contents


    Valeria li Vigni Tusa
    J. G. Royal and S. Tusa
    S. Tusa and J. Goold
    1. Archaeological finds as true evidences of the Egadi battle
    S. Tusa
    2. History of the project and overview of the site
    S. Tusa and J. G. Royal
    3. The ship class of the Egadi rams and Polybius' account of the First Punic War
    W. M. Murray
    4. The warship rams: depositional contexts and descriptions
    J. G. Royal and S. Tusa
    4a. Bronze rostra: the Latin inscriptions
    J. R. W. Prag
    4b. The rams from the Aegates Islands: further considerations
    T. Gnoli
    5a. The Punic ram inscription
    G. Garbini
    5b. Egadi ram no. 3: proposed Punic text and translation
    P. C. Schmitz
    6a. Iconographic and epigraphic considerations on the Egadi rostra
    F. Oliveri
    6b. Iconographic elements on the warship rams
    J. G. Royal
    7. The bronze helmets from the battle of the Aegates Islands
    A. L. Goldman and A. Rose
    8a. Carthaginian finds from the Egadi battle area
    F. Oliveri
    8b. Amphoras and tablewares
    J. G. Royal
    Appendix. Petrological analysis of amphora samples
    C. Capelli, M. Piazza and R. Cabella
    9. The small finds
    S. Tusa and J. G. Royal
    Appendix. Petrological analysis of the ballast stones
    G. Alías and M. Aulinas
    10a. Ram manufacture and the nature of bronze objects
    J. G. Royal
    Appendix. Metallurgical analysis of the bronze eyebolt
    E. Faber, J. C. Henderson and L. Weeks
    10b.La manifattura di alcuni rostri delle Egadi
    C. A. Buccellato
    Appendix. L'Analisi metallica di alcuni rostri della Battaglia delle Egadi
    C. A. Buccellato
    11. The warships: construction and tactics
    J. G. Royal
    Appendix. Analysis of the timbers of the Egadi warship no. 10
    B. Held and R. Blanchette
    12. Perspectives on the Battle of the Aegates Islands
    J. G. Royal
    General Bibliography

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