Medieval Studies and Archaeology
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  • Abstract

    This second book of the "Virtual Restoration" series stands as a natural, or philological, continuation of the previous volume "Virtual restoration 1. Paintings and Mosaics" published in 2017. In the first book, in fact, the general issue of virtual restoration applied to pictorial and mosaic surfaces was presented through 38 case studies that dealt with specific problems: from surveying to the representation of surfaces, from degradation mapping to color analysis, from lacunae treatment to virtual reconstruction, up to surface diagnostic analysis and stylistic restoration. This second volume, instead, is the result of a research conducted for several years within the rock-cut church of Lama d'Antico at Fasano (Puglia, Italy) and aims to illustrate all the applications used in the field of virtual pictorial restoration in a single context. This research has allowed not only to reconstruct the frescoes in a virtual environment, through the creation of the first part of the "Virtual Museum of Rock Churches" in the area of Fasano (known as "Lama D'Antico Experience"), but also to review the iconography of the same frescoes by providing, thanks to the possibilities offered today by the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), new interpretations for the study of medieval painting in Puglia.

  • Table of Contents


    Preface (Vittorio Sgarbi)

    Premise (Massimo Limoncelli)

    I. The rock-cut church of Lama D'Antico: architecture and frescoes
    I.1. The rock settlement of Lama d'Antico at Fasano (Roberto Rotondo)
    I.2. Digital surveying of the church: analysis of the architecture and description of the frescoes (Massimo Limoncelli)
    I.3. The construction phases and architectural models of the church (Roberto Rotondo)

    II. The methodology for the virtual restoration of pictorial surfaces (Massimo Limoncelli)

    III. The Virtual Restaration of the frescoes (Maria Potenza)
    III.1. Virtual restoration of the frescoes of the church
    III.2. North wall
    III.3. East wall
    III.4. South wall
    III.5. West wall
    III.6. Partition wall

    III. Afther the Virtual Restaration
    III.1. A reinterpretation of the frescoes after the virtual restoration (Giuseppe Donvito)
    III.2. The virtual reconstruction of the church (Massimo Limoncelli)

    III. Virtual Restoration Experience
    III.1. From virtual restoration to virtual museum (Massimo Limoncelli)
    III.2. Lama d'Antico Experience (Giovanni Di Vito)

    The rock-cut churches of San Lorenzo and San Giovanni at Lama D'Antico (Massimo Limoncelli)


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