Bollettino d'Arte 43, luglio-settembre 2019

Anno CIV, Serie VII

Bollettino d'Arte, 43
2020, 186 pp., 130 ill. col., 43 ill. b/n
Paperback, 22,5 x 28,5 cm
ISBN: 9788891321107
ISSN: 0394-4573
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  • Abstract
  • Abstract

    The BdA was founded in 1907 under the Direzione Generale dell'Amministrazione di Antichità e Belle Arti, as a monthly information body of the national artistic heritage sector. The information on the activities, with a prevalent function of rapid disclosure of purchases, restorations and important discoveries, a sort of news bulletin, was soon reabsorbed within the wider physiognomy of a magazine of ancient and modern art, maintaining substantially unchanged its character as a magazine of history of the arts and reporting on institutional activities of protection and enhancement. The growth, with the new technologies of conservation and restoration applied to art heritage, of a widely felt need for presentation and reflection on materials subject to conservation interventions and other issues of relevant interest to the national artistic heritage, has led to the extension of the magazine's coverage in special issues (Supplements, Special Series, Special Volumes, Monographs and also Attachments), collections of thematic essays on the three disciplines (archaeology, art history, architecture) represented in the BdA that otherwise would have found little space in the periodical, usually intended to accommodate contributions of various topics and shorter cut. The journal is now published by the Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali e per il Turismo and has a semiannual periodicity, it is subject to peer-review and maintains an ANVUR type A classification.