Dmitrij Vasko

Attic Red-Figure Pelikai of the 4th Century BC from Panticapeum, Part I

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum Russia - Fasc. XXII. The State Hermitage Museum. St. Petersburg - Fasc. XIII

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum Russia, 22
2021, 180 pp., 304 ill. b/n, 76 tav.
Hardback, 23 x 32 cm
ISBN: 9788891321800
ISSN: 2279-6525
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  • Abstract

    This volume continues the publication of Greek painted pottery in the State Hermitage museum. This book is the first fascicule devoted to Attic red-figure pelikai of the 4th century BC. It catalogues 40 vessels, mostly from the archaeological excavations of the Panticapaeum necropolis, undertaken in the 19th – early 20th centuries. In addition to the well-known masterpieces, the book also describes the pelikai known from short mentions and brief descriptions. The book contains photographs and drawings (profiles and some paintings) of each pelike

  • Table of Contents

    7-9 Preface
    11-16 Abbreviations
    17-90 Pelikai catalogue
    91-92 Index of plates and figures
    93-94 Index of concordance of museum inventory numbers
    95-96 Index of subjects
    97 Index of attributions to painters and groups
    Plates signed RUSSIA from 1095 to 1170

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