Cultural Heritage: Management/Protection/Restoration
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    The opportunities of exchange among scholars at an international level in the field of architecture open up to a dialogue, also from a multidisciplinary point of view, proposing contents and methods to be shared, in order to activate a profitable comparison on research proposals, study paths, experiences, results. The collection proposed here of many contributions presented at the first International Conference on Architecture, Urban Planning and Restoration wants to represent examples of reading, interpretation and intervention on art, architecture, historical fabric, in the belief that understanding the past is the best foundation for building the future.

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    Daniela Esposito


    Javad Ghorbani

    Alessandro Viscogliosi


    Sapienza University of Rome, Piazza Borghese 9, 2 February 2017

    To study and increase the value of the Bevagna urban plan: characterization and origin of the geomaterials used for the bichrome Roman mosaics

    Angela Baldanza, Maria Romana Picuti, Mirco Vantaggi, Patrizia Santi Restoration and valorization of the south-west tower of the SS. Quattro Coronati’s complex in Rome

    Lia Barelli, Michele Asciutti Learning from the past in Today’s Architectural Design. Case Study: Architecture in hot and arid zone of Yazd in central Iran

    Saghi Bolouhari The Historical Complex of National Roman Museum / Baths of Diocletian. Designing within History: contemporary architecture in monumental spaces

    Gianni Bulian Virtual Models for the Preservation and Assessment of Architectural and Archaeological Heritage

    Mario Docci, Alfonso Ippolito, Martina Attenni Contemporary Architecture of Iran

    Iraj Etessam Humilissima Civitas Valettae. The Church of St. John the Baptist heart of Valletta, convent city and capital city

    Sante Guido The Beauty of Diversity. Timeless lessons of Cultural Heritage

    Farah Habib Norcia: identity of the town’s architecture and landscape. Reflections in the aftermath of the recent earthquake

    Valeria Montanari Conservation and development project for an ancient village between the historical settlement and the agricultural landscape

    Monica Morbidelli Cultural heritage: abandonment, conflict and natural risks. Possible protection and safeguard actions

    Maria Grazia Turco WORKSHOP OUTCOMES

    Ciciliano, Old Town - Theodoli Castle, 3 February 2017

    Sapienza University of Rome, Via Antonio Gramsci 53, 4 February 2017

    Cities: the Future of the Past. Design in historical landscapes

    Romano Cerro Several notes on the workshop at Ciciliano Riccardo d’Aquino