Gabriele Rizzi

Are we living in another migration period?

Pandemics, migrations and the environmental link

2022, 204 pp.
Paperback, 17 x 24 cm
ISBN: 9788891325112
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  • Abstract

    Pandemics, migration and climate change: a synthesis of 2020, one might say. Nonetheless, the same historical events and processes occurred during the Migration period , and today more and more studies are shedding new light on their interconnections, providing us with new keys to interpreting the present. However, in the face of accelerated globalisation, the coexistence of these phenomena calls for a faster response to today's global challenges: what are therefore the best policies to adopt and how can a better knowledge of our past help us?

  • Table of Contents

    Prefazione – Preface
    15 Introduction
    19 I. The Migration Period
    19 1.1. The ‘Justinian plague’ and the first plague pandemic
    23 1.1.1 Mortality and demographic effects
    26 1.1.2 The first plague pandemic across Europe
    35 1.1.3 What about Northern Europe?
    38 1.1.4 The socio-economic effects of the Justinian plague
    45 1.1.5 The mystery of the end and of the origin of the Justinian plague
    50 1.2 Migrants at the turn of the Middle Ages: The Barbarian invasions
    51 1.2.1 The migratory movements
    52 The Gothic Crisis: Italy, Gaul and the Iberian Peninsula
    54 From Gaul to France: The Franks, the Huns and the Franks again
    56 Britannia: the Anglo-Saxons’ arrival and the flee of the Roman
    59 From the Ostrogoths to the Lombards: the end of the Migration Period?
    62 Ending an era: The Avars’ and the Slavs’ migrations
    63 1.2.2 Explaining people’s movements: what caused the Migration Period?
    66 1.3 The Environmental link
    66 1.3.1 The Roman Climate Optimum and its end
    76 1.3.2 The 546 CE event and the LALIA/DACP
    83 Conclusions
    85 II. The Contemporary Era
    85 2.1 The 21st century pandemics and epidemics
    86 EVD or Ebolavirus Disease epidemic
    87 The AIDS/HIV pandemic
    88 The Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) epidemic
    88 The “swine flu” pandemic
    89 The MERS epidemic
    6 Contents
    90 The Zika epidemic
    90 The Covid-19 pandemic
    92 2.1.2 Pandemics ’effects on 21st century Europe’ society
    102 2.2 Europe’s 21st century’s Migration Period
    102 2.2.1 The European routes
    102 The Eastern Borders route
    102 The Albanian circular route
    103 The Eastern Mediterranean route
    105 The Balkan route or the Balkan corridor
    107 The Atlantic route
    108 The Western Mediterranean route
    109 The Central Mediterranean route
    112 2.2.2 Destination Europe: the migratory routes across Asia and Africa
    112 The African-Mediterranean routes
    114 The Asian routes
    115 2.2.3 Why Europe? Migrants’ main reasons to leave
    116 West Africa
    118 East Africa
    120 Middle East and Asia
    122 The impact of Covid-19
    123 2.3 “Climigrants” and ecodemics?
    123 2.3.1 Climate changes’ effects
    124 Effects on the seas
    126 Extreme events
    127 Europe’s first “climigrants?”
    129 2.3.2 Facing the effects of climate change from outside
    130 West Africa
    132 East Africa
    134 Middle East and Asia
    138 2.3.3 Are we dealing with “ecodemics”?
    139 Conclusions
    143 III. Are we living in another Migration Period?
    143 1.1 Past, Present, Future
    143 3.1.1 Two pandemics, one common trend?
    150 3.1.2 Across, into, and again across Europe?
    156 3.1.3 Are we living in another Migration Period? Problematic issues
    Contents 7
    161 3.2 Are we living in another Migration Period? Possible solutions
    163 Mitigation strategies: a short review
    164 3.2.1 A possible long-term solution: The European Green Deal
    166 3.2.2 Short and middle-term policies
    166 Broadening the refugee status
    167 Avoiding deaths in the Mediterranean: the humanitarian corridors
    167 Integrating migrants into the labour market
    169 Boosting the Third World (green) economy
    170 Urbanization planning in developing countries
    171 3.2.3 Preventing the next pandemic
    173 3.3 Avoiding another Migration period
    174 Conclusions
    177 Bibliography
    191 Sitography

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