Etruscan Studies

Velzna II. Lo scavo di Campo della Fiera di Orvieto

Materiali di epoca romana (Terra sigiliata italica. Ceramica africana. Lucerne)

Edited by Simonetta Stopponi

Studia Archaeologica
2023, 260 pp.
Paperback, 17 x 24 cm
DOI: 10.48255/9788891326942
ISBN: 9788891326911
ISSN: 0081-6299
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  • Abstract
  • Abstract

    In this volume are presented some Roman objects found in the sanctuary of Campo della Fiera at Orvieto, which has been identified with the Fanum Voltumnae. The cult and votive offerings continued without interruption from the first half of the VIth century BC until the IVth century. The first contribution by Elisa Laschi presents the Italic plain terra sigillata and the moulmade examples, stamps bearing the name of the maker and graffiti. In the second contribution Vincenzo Valenzano publishes the African terra sigillata, as well as kitchenware and oil lamps of the same fabric. In the third one Danilo Nati presents the oil lamps, many of which have been decorated with interesting design, such as one with the Egyptian god Anubis.