Literary Criticism
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  • Abstract

    Step into a Chinese Rashomon and embark upon an illuminating journey into twentieth-century Chinese history and the elusive nature of truth.

    An engrossing literary achievement and editorial tour de force, Colorature is a compilation of faux historical documents, invented archival materials and imaginary interviews spanning the Communist Revolution, the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution and the present day to recount the search for the "historical truth" about the life and death of revolutionary poet Ge Ren. Was he a hero, a Nationalist or a Communist, a scholar, a spy or a traitor – or a combination of all those identities?

    2003 Mao Dun Literature Award short-listed
    2003 Dingjun Biennial Literature Award
    2010 Top 10 Best Novels in 30 years of New China (1979-2009)
    “Dajia - Master" magazine (3rd and 4th edition) Honorary Award

    Colorature has sold more than 100.000 copies in China. Has been translated in English and French.