L'eredità del mondo classico, tra politica e sviluppo del territorio

Edited by Andrea Baravelli, Rachele Dubbini

2024, 200 pp.
Paperback, 17 x 24 cm
Atti del convegno Spina 10-11 giugno 2022
ISBN: 9788891327543
ISSN: 1974-7411
  • Abstract
  • Abstract

    The importance of the past as a fundamental tool for understanding the present has long been clear. For this reason, it seems necessary to take advantage of every opportunity, such as that offered by the centenary of the discovery of the Etruscan necropolis of Spina, to enrich the reflection on the many interrelations between the classical world and the contemporary. That is what this volume aims at, intentionally articulated on different research levels. Recalling the importance of History and Archaeology, disciplines that lay at the basis of the Italian colonial vision, from the late 19th century to Republican times, the contributions offer the reader a rich contextualisation of the sedimentation process of the myth of Spina. A path lasting centuries, including contributions from literature, poetry and the figurative arts. But the volume also intends to be a historical reconstruction of the multiplicity of repercussions that the Spina myth had, in terms of territorial organization and management of cultural policies, on the city of Ferrara: an important legacy, capable of making its effects felt in the present, not only regarding the city’s intense activity as a pole of aggregation of local energies, but also because of the crucial nature of that past as a stumbling block placed upon the path of our frenetic contemporary societies.