Alle origini del patrimonio costruito del Corno d'Africa.

Il caso studio di Adulis

Edited by Serena Massa

Bibliotheca Archaeologica
2023, 215 pp.
Paperback, 21, 5 x 28 cm
ISBN: 9788891327741
ISSN: 2240-8347
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  • Abstract
  • Abstract

    In antiquity the town of Adulis, 50 km ca. south of Massawa (Eritrea), was one of the most important harbours of the Red Sea within the net of cultural and trade contacts between Mediterranean, Orient and Africa. New archaeological research started in 2011, thanks to the collaboration between the Eritrean Commission for Culture and Sports and several Italian Universities, coordinated by the Research Centre on Eastern Desert (Ce.R.D.O.), aims at providing a broader understanding of Adulis, both in time and space, mostly in relation to the debated theme of the development of urbanisation in the region. Besides the research, the aim is to outline the method shaped in ten years of fieldworks and investigations, a truly transdisciplinary and multiscale approach to the archaeological site, sharing with local communities the targets and the results.