Cultural Heritage: Management/Protection/Restoration

Conservation Science in Cultural Heritage 22/2022

Quaderni di Scienza della Conservazione

Conservation Science in Cultural Heritage, 22
2023, 454 pp.
Paperback, 17 x 24 cm
ISBN: 9788891330543
ISSN: 1974-4951
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    Salvatore Lorusso, Mauro Mantovani


    The background story and research history of the case study on the Mona Lisa: the volume “Is the Louvre Mona Lisa Leonardo’s second version?”
    Salvatore Lorusso

    Non-destructive testing of nano-silica for enhancing the durability of limestone structures in the Valley of the Kings, Luxor, Egypt
    Ahmed Sallam, Mona M.E. Khalil, Sayed Hemeda, Moustapha Hassan

    Community cultural heritage management and protection of selected medieval rock-hewn churches of Lalibela, Ethiopia
    Yezihalem Sisay Takele, Gezae Haile Weldemichael, Kassegn Berhanu Melese

    The architecture of Mosques and the Covid-19 pandemic
    Imadeddine Khoukhi, Dalila Senhadji

    The phenomenon of diversity and the effective response to the physical environment: the formation of old traditional markets (Suq)
    Kabila Faris Hmood, Jawdat Goussous

    The national jewelry of Bashkir women: tradition and modernity
    Rakhmatullina ZuguraYaganurovna, Khusainova Gulnur Ravilovna

    Why the courtyards of historical palaces should not be roofed in
    Javier Pérez Gil, Rodrigo Almonacid

    Weathering of monumental Islamic marble in Egypt: a contribution to heritage studies
    Mona M.E. Khalil, Ahmed Sallam, Randa Shenouda, Mohammad Sh. Alsubaie

    Heritage cross-disciplinarity. The Arquitectura Textos de Doctorado collection
    Germán Herruzo Domínguez, Antonio Tejedor Cabrera

    Issues in the expression of local identity in the Saharan regions of Algeria: in search of references to vernacular architecture
    Sami Zerari, Alessandra Cirafici, Leila Sriti

    L’Erma di Bretschneider: a reference point for scientific and humanistic publications since 1896
    Andrea Natali, Salvatore Lorusso

    The sociocultural impact of the djemaa on the organization of the ksour (southwestern Algeria)
    Abdelmalek Benaradj, Ratiba Wided Biara

    Virus group. Napoli New York Corviale
    Daniela Porro, Franca De Leo

    Factors that affect participation in the “Carnaval de Negros y Blancos” in Colombia
    Carolina Avendaño Peña, Luis Antonio Eraso Caicedo, Jorge Albeiro Rivera Rosero

    Elements of archaic music reflected in petroglyphs as a phenomenon of cultural heritage, the original source of material and spiritual culture
    Gulzhan Suleyeva, Ainur Yessetova, Aigul Kossanova, Aisulu Kaldayakova, Lyailya Kaliakbarova, Yerbol Ussenbayev

    Shamanistic ritual ceremony and accompanying music as the worldview basis of traditional culture
    Ainur Mashimbaуeva, Arita Baisakalova, Aigul Kossanova, Gulsara Absatarova, Botagoz Utebayeva, Svetlana Janseitova

    The Steri, the historical site of Palermo University: past, present, future
    Salvatore Lorusso, Franco Palla, Maria Concetta Di Natale, Giovanni Travagliato

    Nomadic life cycle structured by calendar, representative of lexical-semantic processes and genre systems
    Asiya Mukhambetova, Gulzhan Suleyeva, Ainur Yessetova, Svetlana Janseitova, Aisulu Kaldayakova, Gulsm Arkabayeva

    Old monasteries and new cemeteries. The case of the Capuchins in Conversano, Italy
    Rossella de Cadilhac

    Using Digital Twin Models (DTM) for managing, protecting and restoring historical buildings
    Federico Cinquepalmi, Fabrizio Cumo

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