Falsi e falsari nell'epoca di Internet

False testimonianze. Copie, contraffazioni, manipolazioni e abusi del documento epigrafico antico

Edited by Maria Letizia Caldelli

Studi Miscellanei, 42
2023, 150 pp.
Paperback, 20,5 x 28,5 cm
Atti del Convegno conclusivo PRIN 2015
ISBN: 9788891331519
ISSN: 0081-6191
Disponibile dal 30 Novembre
  • Abstract
  • Abstract

    This volume brings together a series of essays in which the authors discussed the concept of epigraphic forgery and the difference between forgery and counterfeiting in the light of the creation and implementation of a database entirely devoted to nongenuine inscriptions, that is, Greek and Latin inscriptions made in the post-classical period by looking, with malicious or simply imitative intent, at models from the Roman period. The contributions, born out of the need to make a theoretical database model dialogue with the needs of use, show the inevitable criticalities of the computer system but also how the upstream effort to go back to work on the syllogies, manuscript and printed, and to go to see the inscriptions in private collections and museums has allowed the discovery of unexpected contacts among the authors of the "forgeries," sometimes the identification of new forgers or the rehabilitation of those who were thought to be such, the interest in unexplored but important eras for the study of the phenomenon. Above all, the creation and implementation of the database has shown how to study epigraphic forgery requires networking and interweaving the research of scholars working in different territories and eras, putting in their hands an investigative tool adapted to the needs of the Digital Humanities.