Ancient Near East - Asia

Orientalia Antiqua et Nova, vol.1/2024

Orientalia, 1
2024, 450 pp.
Paperback, 17 x 24 cm
ISBN: 9788891331731
Forthcoming 2024
  • Abstract
  • Abstract

    Orientalia Antiqua et Nova is a new pluridisciplinary, independent academic journal devoted to the Orient in a broad sense, encompassing a wide geographical area of investigation, substantially coextensive to the empire of Alexander the Great at its height or, later on, to the regions which at one point or another in history have found themselves included in the spheres of civilisation of either Islam or Byzantium. Its ambition is to propose a different look – made in particular of appropriate distancing and understanding vis-à-vis the perceptions and identities of local actors – at both the ancient and modern history of the Middle East and Central Asia including, but not limited to, archaeology, art history, religion, philosophy and literature, and at the current regional developments in international relations, culture and society. One volume of the journal is published annually. All contributions are subject to peer-review.