Classical Period
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  • Table of Contents
  • Table of Contents

    Tomo I: Preface Karen Slej, Mats Cullhed; Introduction Karen Slej, Mats Cullhed; The Finds: B, Coarse Ware, Dolia, Braziers, and Cooking Stands, Mats Cullhed, Tove Janson Borglud, Pontus Reimers; E Attic Black-Figured Pottery, Mats Cullhed; F Attic Red-Figured Pottery, Mats Cullhed; I Red-glazed Pottery, Karen Slej; J Attic and Italic Black-glazed Pottery, Karen Slej; P Plain Ware, Karen Slej; V Transport Amphorae Karen Slej; AA Lamps Marina Prusac; JJ Votive and Architectural Terracottas: the Archaic and Post-Archaic Period Tobias Fisher-Hansen; KK Tiles Tobias Fisher-Hansen; KKa Brick Stamps Jesper Carlsen; The Trenches: The trenches of the Temple of Castor and Pollux Karen Slej; Bibliography of the Trenches.
    Tomo II: Figures, Plates, Trenches.